Thursday, 17 January 2013

Final Voyage

Lorna wanted her ashes scattered on the Deben.
So Aidan and I sent her on her final trip out to sea from the mouth of the Deben at Felixstowe Ferry (a lovely little yachting and fishing haven). We put some of her rock and fossil collection with her. We like to think they will confound some future geologist wondering how fossils from Redcar, for example, got in to the Deben.

We then had a 'ferry breakfast' for lunch in the cafĂ© - one of Lorna's favourite places to go for a snack - she often popped in after a walk along the sea front or a wander around the boat yard.

We like the thought of her mingling on the sea with all the other sailors who have made the same final voyage. In our imagining, this includes Eric the Viking, the Viking lord buried at Sutton Hoo. We imagine her meeting him and telling him he is a useless man, before re-rigging his long ship properly to have all the controls leading back to the cockpit for easy single handed sailing. She then sails off in her big wooden sailing boat, which has a very comfortable cabin, lovely expensive blocks, tackle and rope and is of course rigged for single handed sailing. It never needs sanding or painting and varnishing (except when she feels like doing it), the anchor always holds, the wind is always in the right direction and there is company when she wants, but none when she doesn't.

Next time you look out to sea, give her a wave and a smile, she might be sailing by.

The Funeral

People have asked to have a copy of the funeral service so I have attached it here (click on the pages and they will enlarge)

Thank you (from Lorna as much as from Aidan and I!) to everyone who attended and made it a very moving day. The weather was perfect. The tea and cakes at the sailing club were lovely.

Several people said to me that they know cancer sufferers who followed Lorna's blog and found it very inspirational. Aidan and I find this a lovely thought, the blog will remain for anyone who wants to read it - although the cancer at the end is actually only a very small part of our memories and I think the blog is inspirational regardless of whether the reader suffers from cancer or not.

What Lorna taught us is that you are never too old or too anything to follow our dreams

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Funeral arrangements

The funeral service will be 9am on Wednesday the 16th of January at the Seven Hills Crematorium near Ipswich (IP10 0FG)

Apologies for the early hour, but this seems to be the only time Lorna has ever 'gone with the crowd' as apparently it is 'a busy time of year'. Please please don't let that put you off coming!

There are plenty of places to stay in Woodbridge, please send me an email if you need advice.

We would also be delighted if you could join us afterwards at the Deben Yacht Club for tea/coffee and cake which the members are very kindly supplying. It is about 15 mins drive from the crematorium (directions with google maps here). You can park at Woodbridge train station (there is a big car park - pay and display) which is on the right as you come in to Woodbridge following the above directions. Then head to the river (you can go out of either side of the car park and you will either cross a bridge over the railway or walk directly across it depending which way you go) and turn right along the riverside path. The club is on stilts over the river on the left opposite the dinghy park (which is on the right of the path). You can't miss it! Don't get lured in to the Deben Cruising Club which you will pass on the way.

Instead of flowers, we would request that you make a donation to The RLNI (click here). They saved her more than once!

It would be helpful if you could drop me an email and let us know whether you plan on coming or not (friends and family are spread far and wide so we understand if it is too far - just think of her next time you see the sea!!)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Final post from Rhoda

Lorna was most adamant that she was going to die, not pass away or any such euphemism. She died peacefully very early this morning.
She found all the blog comments and emails you have sent over the last years, months and days very supportive and comforting. So thank you from her, and from Aidan and I for your support and encouragement.

Here is a picture of her in the summer of 2012 (not many months ago) living life to the full, pretty much right up to the end!