Sunday, 25 April 2010

a rant about voting - remember 1928

10-50 hrs: I have voted - I think I prefer to do my civic duty by going to the polling station - but have opted for a postal vote for some reason.

Why vote - even in a safe seat?

Because your vote does get counted in the overall total. And - more important - because people fought for the right to vote for a long time; the date for universal male suffrage in the UK was 1918.
When my mother was born in 1916, most men - but no women - could vote. Some women could vote after 1918 but it was not until 1928 that all women could vote. 1928 - I still find this astonishingly recent. See my entry for March 10th.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Jaguar boat work in hand - -

17-40 hrs: The cockpit of the Jaguar. I am now busy with the new boat - mostly scrubbing and polishing but the cockpit is also good for resting in the sun. I am also watching the election and volcano news - the election having become mildly more interesting.

Yesterday - the fifth lot of vinorelbine capsules from Ipswich hospital: this is a much nicer way to take chemotherapy, with fewer side-effects: I also get the chance to talk to a MacMillan nurse, which keeps me in contact with how I am doing. This, and the healthy life-style, seems to be working.

Monday, 19 April 2010

things much as usual

21-10 hrs: There is a super all-day-breakfast-type cafe in a caravan on the quayside - between the houseboats and the railway, where we have eaten a lot of chips and all day breakfasts. They are closed this week for renovation. Part of the project appears to be to remove the old (1960s style) model and replace it with a newer one - closest to us in the picture. I just hope the food stays the same - - - . The caravan will be sited back from the quayside - roughly where the yellow skip is; they appear to be parked at the edge whilst they make the foundation larger - - - .

Otherwise all much as usual in Woodbridge - apart from sunshine and a couple of days cleaning off the old rubbing strake on the Jaguar. I continue to feel quite well although I do get tired. There are even the usual domestic annoyances - like the battery on my car being on the edge of wearing out. I spend a lot of time looking at pictures of the volcano in Iceland - and none looking at pictures of our great leaders.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

continue to take mind off election

17-10 hrs: proof that the Jaguar has a keel - I had the boat lifted for inspection - interesting - exhausting.
But the Jaguar's keel is fine and I am putting the purchase in hand.

So far this week - I have worried on about the boats and done a lot of domestic things (hoovering, shopping and so on). But I have also had some pleasant walks along the river and lunch outside. So not much to say really - except that it is oddly tiring and pleasant.

Friday, 9 April 2010

taking my mind off the election

15-50 hrs: A Jaguar 21 - I have contracted to buy this and paid the deposit this morning. More detail about this kind of boat at

I thought I would not get another one until LA Girl is sold - BUT plans are made to be updated. I was thinking of buying something a bit larger and more expensive but common sense prevails and I have spent much of this week looking at smaller boats and decided to get one that has a bit of performance rather than live-aboard functionality.

I was so traumatised by this that I had to have a wee sleep in the sun this afternoon, but have bounced back enough to fess-up to the blog - and now head out for a coffee.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

the river Deben and the spring holidays

10-20 hrs: Happy spring holiday to all my followers, friends and relatives.

I am being mildly active with two more rescue duties for Deben Sailing club (which has involved messing about in boats and driving a RIB up and down the river). I wear as many clothes as it is possible to squeeze into - it has been quite cold and windy, with the threat of rain. The dinghy sailors seem quite good at staying upright - so have not had to rescue anyone yet. I have also pottered around the marina, looked at any boat that comes near enough to be looked at and generally hung out in the milli-seconds of sun before the clouds and rain. Add to this a few visits to the gym and you can see that I am trying to build a bit of physical stamina ready for sailing a dinghy. LA Girl still unsold - so nothing yet on getting a new boat.

And I watched the end of the old Doctor Who on TV - and the start of the new series - hooray for tele (if I can keep away from it most of the time).