Friday, 29 April 2011

the keel

11-00 hrs: The picture does not show the problem (which is inside) - it will have to be lifted on a crane and the keel dropped out. There is a holding plate for a gasket to be removed and renovated as well.

I do not know whether to do some useful things whilst it is out of the water (I have a long list) or whether to sulk off somewhere and pretend it never happened. But both the surveyor and the yard have said not to worry - it will be fine. At least it is only money and at least it has been found before other damage is done. And I have seen a kestrel from the cockpit - several times.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lift-off  yesterday
The view from my cockpit this afternoon.
20-55hrs: I had the boat lifted for a survey - theory was it went back in this morning. Unfortunately the lifting keel is missing some plastic bits on which it runs - so the boat is resting on shore for a couple of weeks until the marina has time to lift it and inspect the keel fully. 

Today, yesterday and the day before were taken up with this, although not all the time. I managed to get very cold - to lie in the sun - to eat too much and to wander around. Upsetting - and probably expensive - but that is sailing for you - - . 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

20-20 hrs: streaking this afternoon for the first time. Hot day - short wetsuit and no spraytop. Not much wind. No pictures as I was busy doing it.

The streaker is the best dinghy (apart from the fireball) that I have ever sailed - wonderful and it will get better when the wind increases. It slides through the water and has more space than the laser. And I managed to land on our narrow ramp without problem. Quite energy-intensive of course.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Spring in Woodbridge
20-20 hrs: Spring here is marked by the launching of boats. This a wonderful wooden ketch - with many original features and probably the largest our crane lifts. Spent most of the day messing about in boats and talking to boaters. The weather is like the Mediterranean.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

20-30 hrs. A strange ten days or so - in which I did quite a few things around boats but also did not feel that I wanted to write about the activity because I actually felt quite inactive - so the list of actions makes me sound healthier and better than I am actually feeling.

I now own a streaker - and I have spent a bit of time scrubbing it and its cover - and mending the centre board and the cover. The toe strap came off - glad it was ashore! It was mostly in sunshine - sitting on a chair borrowed from the sailing club. The sun encouraged the wearing of sun hat and shorts.

I have sailed out in Lookfar a couple of times. Once to park it at the sailing club overnight so that Aidan and I could go downriver for lunch. This we did on Saturday - went too far and only just made it back to the marina where we scrunched the keel over the sill - like I have done before and ought to know better. Today's panic was to arrange a survey so that the insurance company is happy. Job for Thursday is that I need to make sure that there are no obvious nasties for the survey to spot.

Rescue on Sunday. Various things done to boats on Monday and today. Spring is starting on the river as a few boats are getting launched now onto their moorings.

I have felt quite inactive and even poorly on occasions - it feels as if the side effects of Tarceva - especiually indigestion and general upset digestion - are getting the upper hand. Today I went to the GP and got some help with this and now feel a bit better.

The rest of the week - I cannot sail Lookfar until the insurance is sorted out - but there is lots more boat-fettling to do. Hope to sail the streaker for the first time on Saturday.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Streakers at an Open meeting.
A Holt design - (same designer as the Enterprise and Solo) - double chines - originally (and best) in wood.
10-30 hrs:  Whatever next?
I have bought an early GRP one with a lower sail number than those in the picture - no nice wooden decks to varnish every year - - - . But ready to sail from the Club dinghy park when all the money and paperwork is exchanged. And the wind blows and the sun shines of course.

I don't know whether I will have the energy to race it - but it is a lot lighter than the Laser and it also has sensible control lines and the mast remains stepped all the time. I miss the fun of a dinghy - so here we go - - . 
I now have lasers for sale!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The  boats used for RYA powerboat course at the sailing club.
19-50: Two days (Monday and Tuesday) on the river driving the RIB and the other club boat with two other members and the instructor. Fun - and I learnt a few things.  We have passed the RYA level 2 powerboat course. I was quite tired by the end but paced myself so that I managed OK. It was very cold with some stong winds and tidal currents. Also proof that the recent dip in energy is improving for the time being.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Prior's Haven, Tynemouth - repair due to the road  having been washed away
19-15 hrs: Tynemouth sailing club launch their boats over the ramp. Winter storms undermined the beach where the person in green wellies is standing - which was dug back into place by a beach party. Storms also removed a lot of the concrete - here being replaced. I put this here for comparison with launching into the river and to show my friends in the North that I still care about what happens. Thanks for the photo.