Friday, 26 November 2010

CSIP 20th Anniversary Conference

18-35 hrs: CSIP(Cetacean Stranding Investigation Programme). Just back from a day in London Zoo - to celebrate (by eating and listening to papers about Cetacean strandings) its 20th anniversary.  I was - as you might guess - involved (with a colleague) with developing a database and a web front-end - and work is continuing to include more data and more features.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

What is the similarity between the Tardis and Lookfar?

21-10 hrs
The similarity is that they both hold a lot more inside than it would seem possible from the outside.

I cleared out most of the things left in Lookfar today - and it looked as if I had cleared out a Tardis - there was so much stuff. I wonder if the Doctor ever clears out his vessel - - .This is also proof - if proof is needed - that I watch too much TV. 

I have left Lookfar so that I can sail over the winter if the tides and the weather are ever right at the same time. Today - cold and not enough wind, and the tide high too early in the day.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

The week in Woodbridge

12-26 hrs:
Back to the trivia of everyday life when I returned from London - no pictures can adequately  illustrate this. The trivia are, however, important in that they make up the fabric of life. And there were lots of them this week - adding up to enough to stop bordom - but I have also felt quite tired on occasions. Dentist - sailing club AGM - the gym three times - geology group on the Ordocivian (and some preparation for this) - a cold walk along the gravel beach at Shingle Street to collect pebbles - work party at the sailing club (this week a bonfire, it was very hard work dragging large branches around) - visit to the oncology counsellor in Ipswich. And non-trivial  phone calls to  my uncle John (who is ill) and my cousin

The main thing at the back of my mind is the 'Joomla! Project' - thinking out how to write documentation to get people started using Joomla - some progress in the thinking but none in the writing!

Friday, 12 November 2010

I get to Mornington Crescent

9-45 hrs: Not everyone gets here.
I walked from Camden - the Rules do not say how you get from one place to another - so maybe it is a new rule that you have to walk!

Followers who haven't a clue what this is about - you have to hear it played - look at the wikipedia article. 

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

In Woodbridge - and Joomla!

8-45 hrs: The Joomla! icon. Open Source Matters. I have not used Open Source software before and find the enthusiasm on the web sites - interesting. Found these two concepts in several places - the Joomlasphere and Joomla ecosystem / ecology. I guess I am part of the ecosystem now - - pause for thought about metaphores - - .

Coming back - I feel enlivened and well. So life has been a combination of the usual domestic trivia (taxing the car, paying bills, putting out the rubbish, going to the dentist and so on) and trying to sort out my understanding of Joomla. I am moving ahead to do some work on documentation for beginners for the Joomla! project itself. Whether I have the skill and energy - we will see but I think the project will expand to fill the time and energy available - especially in horrible weather. And who are the beginners anyway - -.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Leaving Newcastle

8-50 hrs: The London-bound train (taking me to Peterborough) comes into Newcastle station. The main structure dates from the 1840's - and still looks impressive and elegant.

It feels strange to be back and I think I need to impose a new discipline on life - the usual stuff of getting up earlier and going to bed later - eating a bit better and doing more exercise. I also have a list covering a whole sheet of paper of improving things to do. Today - to the gym, clear the mess from my desk, look for some rocks for geology group tomorrow, read some reports, go to the shops and sit in the sun. Yes - rehabilitation is good and I intend to be back - -.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

I am back - -

- -safe and sound. Thank you all for a lovely time. Even the trains were punctual.

I walk from Cullercoats to Tynemouth

18-00 hrs: The Long Sands. 

On Friday - Metro to Cullercoats station - then , with my neighbour, I walked from my house (which is beyond the church and off the edge of the picture) to the coffee bar on the beach (which is one of the best places I know for drinking coffee and eating cakes and the like - including the Tea Rooms at Orford). We drank coffee, talked, watched the tide go down and the waves come up and walked back again. Very enjoyable - although I was pretty tired by I got back to Newcastle. 

But I did go out for soup and sausages later - with a lot of (refreshing) political debate as is appropriate on Guy Fawkes night - whether or not the Gun Powder Plot is/was 'true'.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Newcastle University

18-15hrs: Looking up towards Claremont Tower, in which I worked for a long time. This was a car park two years ago - then a building site - now a very nice building facing the main road - and also much of the campus has been smartened up with new plantings and street furniture, so even the older buildings look revived.

Drank too much coffee with colleagues - lovely to see you all.

I go to the boathouse at Tynemouth Sailing Club

8-30 hrs: Wednesday - to TSC for the evening. This is the boathouse (a former RNLB house in the corner of the beach built in the mid 19th century). I spent many evenings 'doing' boats here for years - this time  chatted and watched repairs to boats - then to the bar and home much too late.

Feeling pretty good - met loads of people in the University during the day - wonderful to see you all - - .

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I go to Newcastle - -

17-10 hrs: - - Newcastle Central Station viewed from the hall window next to my room (their clock is an hour wrong). Small station in  Suffolk to Big station in Newcastle - and all in great comfort thanks to low cost web site for 1st class train tickets.

And staying in comfort as well - thanks to the web - in a small attic room (thus the view) in the big hotel next to the station. I have already seen lots of friends here and am off to meet more in a short time. Good stuff.