Monday, 19 April 2010

things much as usual

21-10 hrs: There is a super all-day-breakfast-type cafe in a caravan on the quayside - between the houseboats and the railway, where we have eaten a lot of chips and all day breakfasts. They are closed this week for renovation. Part of the project appears to be to remove the old (1960s style) model and replace it with a newer one - closest to us in the picture. I just hope the food stays the same - - - . The caravan will be sited back from the quayside - roughly where the yellow skip is; they appear to be parked at the edge whilst they make the foundation larger - - - .

Otherwise all much as usual in Woodbridge - apart from sunshine and a couple of days cleaning off the old rubbing strake on the Jaguar. I continue to feel quite well although I do get tired. There are even the usual domestic annoyances - like the battery on my car being on the edge of wearing out. I spend a lot of time looking at pictures of the volcano in Iceland - and none looking at pictures of our great leaders.

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Aidan Weatherill said...

I hope it is ready to serve us breakfasts next time I am up!