Thursday, 24 February 2011

17-20 hrs: My small part of the Joomla! documentation project - - progresses. This might be the most important thing I have written - -  ever.

I have now done a bunch of 'How to - -' do things documents about starting to use Joomla! They are not finished because they are never finished. They are in the same format as Wikipedia - so I can go on editing them for ever. Unlike a book - they don't get copy-edited but they do get seen rather sooner.

I have spent a lot of time editing and writing these - which is one reason I have not written as many blogs as I would have liked. They are due to be released into the wild - that is to say - linked from the main Joomla! site - maybe the end of the week. This is the importance because thousands of people use the site.

Joomla! is free at the point of download. It is a Content Management System - used for - um - managing the content and layout of lots of web sites world-wide. Some small business, clubs, associations use it - as do bigger outfits. More on this and the ecosystem that is Joomla! in another post.

And the small logos - well - I had no sooner finished the main text than - guess what - they released a new version which is significantly different. So much angst about how to write for both in one go. Infact I am writing two different pathways (ie versions) to avoid frightening the audience.

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