Sunday, 13 March 2011

Where are all the wigeon gone - - - -

9-40 hrs: I have only walked the river bank a few times lately - and only seen two wigeon - so I assume they have gone off somewhere exotic to lay eggs and generally work hard. There are fewer birds feeding along the river than usual - which I take as a subtle change ready for spring. There are lots of flowers on the sloe bushes - all ready to produce fruit for us to collect later in the year.

And my boat - still uncleaned - but I am going to get it in the water this month - so I can sit on it in the sun. I have not felt like doing it lately. Yesterday - rescue team training at the sailing club - mostly sitting on boats in the sun, giving my opinion about when to drop an anchor and drinking tea - fun.

I have not felt like writing for a while. I don't know if spending a couple of days on the Forums was too much for the system! But also I have been feeling less well for a few weeks and ran into the circular problem of living for the moment. If you live for the day - then there is no tomorrow - so you have to do everything today - and get exhausted and depressed as a result of not being able to do it all. I seem to have anemia as a side effect of Tarceva. It also seems that eating lots of beef (nice) and liver (ugh) does not do the trick because the Tarceva interfers with the development of red blood cells. Planning to do fewer annoying things - we will see - - -

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