Tuesday, 19 April 2011

20-30 hrs. A strange ten days or so - in which I did quite a few things around boats but also did not feel that I wanted to write about the activity because I actually felt quite inactive - so the list of actions makes me sound healthier and better than I am actually feeling.

I now own a streaker - and I have spent a bit of time scrubbing it and its cover - and mending the centre board and the cover. The toe strap came off - glad it was ashore! It was mostly in sunshine - sitting on a chair borrowed from the sailing club. The sun encouraged the wearing of sun hat and shorts.

I have sailed out in Lookfar a couple of times. Once to park it at the sailing club overnight so that Aidan and I could go downriver for lunch. This we did on Saturday - went too far and only just made it back to the marina where we scrunched the keel over the sill - like I have done before and ought to know better. Today's panic was to arrange a survey so that the insurance company is happy. Job for Thursday is that I need to make sure that there are no obvious nasties for the survey to spot.

Rescue on Sunday. Various things done to boats on Monday and today. Spring is starting on the river as a few boats are getting launched now onto their moorings.

I have felt quite inactive and even poorly on occasions - it feels as if the side effects of Tarceva - especiually indigestion and general upset digestion - are getting the upper hand. Today I went to the GP and got some help with this and now feel a bit better.

The rest of the week - I cannot sail Lookfar until the insurance is sorted out - but there is lots more boat-fettling to do. Hope to sail the streaker for the first time on Saturday.

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