Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Deben and areas I am going to visit - main objective is the Walton Backwaters.
I have not been feeling as well as usual  this last week but spared you the list of symptoms combined with moans and groans. But I did a few nice things, including a quick visit to London. I now feel a bit better and figure that if I don't get on the boat and go now - - it will be autumn and too cold.

So I am off shortly to the boat - now full of food and junk. I am finding it hard to remember what to take and also I have got too accostomed to the comforts of life ashore. The plan is to go downstream with the ebb at about 15-00 hours and escape the Deben tomorrow morning (on a bad tide) - heading for the Walton Backwaters. I hope to get some network connectivity to update on progress.

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