Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sunday: progress with the slipway; the piles are all now in place ready for the main structural beams (visible on the deck ogf the work boat).
Update Wednesday: I have felt unwell, exhausted and depressed since I came back from London. I did not even have the energy to write diatribe on London buildings as I threatened in my last post. I made it to the river on Sunday with a lot of effort and I did a few things I had to do - like have a blood test. The rest of the time I have mooched around feeling that the valley (of the shadow of death) would soon open up ahead of me. I  am glad to say that I feel better today.

Tuesday - the new chemo regime started. It was a shorter session than many and the stuff has not yet had obvious side effects. I had helpful chats to a couple of the nurses in the Day Unit, which helped with the gloom and despondancy. I am also getting to admit that I need to plan my life differently, rather than living in (pleasant) denial.

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