Monday, 2 August 2010

A dip in wellbeing

15-30 hrs: I was feeling a bit rough last week. I suspected that the current chemotherapy is ceasing to 'work' - so I fretted and worried, which made it all worse of course. I did get very breathless and tired after I got back from sailing. At the end of the week it all improved and I felt better - 'normal' for how I have felt of late. I had talked it through with the lung cancer specialist nurse in Ipswich on Thursday - and it has also got cooler and rained, so there is less dust and pollen around - and I had a pretty restful weekend.

One result is that I have not kept the blog as up-to-date as I would have liked - and nor have I managed to send sensible to emails to my friends. 

I am probably going to take the boat down-river tomorrow, but the weather forecast here is for rain and I have become a fair-weather sailor (ie wind and no rain sailor). If I don't go - I will try to catch up and pay my bills and live a sensible life - - -

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Penny said...

Hi Lorna !!!
Katie ( Struthers ) is staying with me for two weeks .... work experience with my vet ... apparently she is our 1st cousin once removed ... good to get to know her ... Sally is coming over this weekend to stay... anyhow Katie has shown me your blog ... i may even remeber how to do it !!! Sorry about my lapse in e mails ... but will get in touch soon again ! Have a good sail ... shame the wind cant blow illness completely away !! Much love Penny xx