Tuesday, 12 October 2010

- and a fourth day on the river - in a Rib!

12-30 hrs: Sunday was also spent on the river - this time doing rescue. The picture was taken in August - and shows the view downstream with a fleet going to race in a wider part of the river - at high water.

This Sunday - bright sunshine all day - lots of wind but the boats stayed upright as they whizzed round. I sat around in the sun on a RIB and watched sailing - another very nice day.

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Anonymous said...

Clive and I send our best wishes. Good to hear about your progress. We were prompted to check your blog after a conversation over coffee in the Common Room (remember that happy ritual?). Clive has taken up sailing and is going for various basic sailing qualifications. He is being very methodical about it as you would expect. I will be retired and out of here by the end of December. Clive is staying on for a couple more years. I have taken a lot of encouragement from your blog but couldn't even hope to show the same energy, dedication and achievemnt as you have done in retirement - playing Bridge twice a week will be an achievment for me!