Sunday, 24 October 2010

I sail the Laser again - -

18-45 hrs: I took the Laser out again today - the wind was strong at times and I planed like this picture (taken in the Tyne estuary some years ago)  - same dry suit - new hat - different boat - no waves - same mega-fun. The wind is very gusty along the river, and there are also wind holes and big wind shifts - it is quite testing and one cannot just get onto the plane and stay there for a mile or so. But I stayed upright - almost fell in backwards when the wind dropped but I was quite careful!

I stayed out for well over an hour and was no more tired after than I would have been a couple of years ago - I had to work harder to  avoid moored boats and mud banks than I would in the Tyne estuary or out to sea. And I lobbed the mast into the hole much more easily than I would have been able to do without weight training - so hooray for that as well.

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Adele said...

Hey Lorna,

Sounds like you've had a really great day!

John and I are heading up into the Cheviots tomorrow and plan to go up to the top of Hedgehope. If we can see the sea from up there we will shout your name. Let me know if you hear us!! :-)

Such a great blog. Very inspiring. Always makes me want to just 'do more stuff'.

Best wishes, Adèle xx