Saturday, 20 November 2010

The week in Woodbridge

12-26 hrs:
Back to the trivia of everyday life when I returned from London - no pictures can adequately  illustrate this. The trivia are, however, important in that they make up the fabric of life. And there were lots of them this week - adding up to enough to stop bordom - but I have also felt quite tired on occasions. Dentist - sailing club AGM - the gym three times - geology group on the Ordocivian (and some preparation for this) - a cold walk along the gravel beach at Shingle Street to collect pebbles - work party at the sailing club (this week a bonfire, it was very hard work dragging large branches around) - visit to the oncology counsellor in Ipswich. And non-trivial  phone calls to  my uncle John (who is ill) and my cousin

The main thing at the back of my mind is the 'Joomla! Project' - thinking out how to write documentation to get people started using Joomla - some progress in the thinking but none in the writing!

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Adele said...

Hey Lorna, thanks for your message earlier and here's a comment in return.... and a coincidence for you: I'm busy here writing up my notes on my current ceramics project, I looked on the web for Jo Connell, a ceramic artist who I have referenced quite a bit, and lo and behold guess what is driving her website?

Loved your comments about Lookfar and its likeness to the Tardis. You are such a geek! :-)

Best wishes, stay warm!! Adèle x