Thursday, 29 September 2011

Loder's Cut at half tide - the marshes are full of birds feeding on the goodies there.
Another fine day on the river - sunshine and a modest wind upstream - and an afternoon tide. The afternoon tide  is one of the highest of the year - and low water in the evening reaches chart datum according to my tide tables. Thus the tidal flow was more than usual - both ebb and flood and the marshes were all covered on my return making the rive look very wide - more like a lake.
Anchored a couple of miles downstream - at the Tips - for lunch and generally took it easy.

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Sally said...

We are taking Jack & Katie to Cambridge on Saturday to start their University life! Made me think about when I started and how I have never forgotten how kind you were to me when I turned up on your doorstep. I was pretty clueless and a long way from home. I had a lovely weekend with you and I kept the mugs you so kindly gave me for many many years! J & K hve mugs to take with them!!