Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Prior's Haven, Tynemouth sailing club and the North pier where the race finished. (taken in 2007)
Scammell Dash (a race from Tyne entrance to a yellow bouy off Whtley Bay)This is supposed to be sailed in lots of wind with lots of drama - or at least some fog!

It went ahead in light airs, with 9 boats. It was won by Jeremy Whiting sailing single handed in an Enterprise. The race was run by Neal Piper on the water. Sara and the kids finished boats from the pier between the four poles (to the right of the picture) and a buoy, but without a hooter - needing lots of loud cheers instead. I hate to think what the various fishermen and walkers made of it!

I had a bit of a plan to be around for it this year - but recent boring problems put it out of reach - so we can all cross fingers for next year. It would be fun - especially as you named the race after me.

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