Friday, 14 October 2011

It is supposed to be autumn - and in some ways it is. But most of the trees still have their leaves apart from horse chestnuts that shrivelled in the dry weather earlier in the year and have now let their leaves go.

Signs of autumn in the way I live as well - start of the working party at the sailing club - regular meetings of the geology group. I have spent a bit of time writing the introduction (with lots of pictures) for the next meeting.This is a screen shot of a graph of extinctions - I don't find this the most interesting thing about the permo-triassic period although this is a nice graph.
Wednesday - a flu jab. I have felt off colour since then and I only figured out that it might be due to a side-effect of the jab. So am off to bed. Intend to resist the autumn tomorrow by having a short sail on the river - in sunshine.

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