Sunday, 2 October 2011

The river - and the river wall - looking downstream at low water with the sailing club to the right. (Taken before the good weather  - thus the clouds!)
Yesterday - another day in the sun on the river. This time we left the boat on the sailing club pontoons overnight and went as soon as the tide was in enough to cover the gravel bank and float us off.

With a light wind we went downstream against the current with the motor on, had lunch and goose winged back with the tide. The river full of boats taking advantage of the hot weather.

And today - doing nothing much in the sun ashore.

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Rhiannon said...

Hi Lorna - rain here today - duty done despite drizzle in the big tin, Alan Baker set a nice course but then the wind dies so the figure of 8 became a triangle. Still nice to be on the water. Got to drive back up to Quays. Rows of cormorants on the staithes as per. Then the usual row of pigeons on the stakes bu the lock at Royal Quays. Daft things x Rhiannon