Thursday, 1 December 2011

Another 999 Ambulance

In Ipswich hospital - lung infection
Pretty zonked out
Will be in touch as usual when I have the strength

Posted by Rhoda on behalf of Lorna (who will hopefully soon be well enough to return herself and would love to receive cards or letters but no visitors yet)


Anonymous said...

Hello Lorna, so nice to speak to you today and hear that you are getting better. All good wishes and big hugs, Jo and Nicky

Anonymous said...

Glad someone posted this reassuring news on your blog, Lorna. Your blog has been a tad boring this month!
All the best .... Ron Kerr

Anonymous said...

Hello Lorna!

It seems that cold, rain, gales, storms, typhoons (that's enough weather. Ed) are forecast in the runup to Christmas. A warm, dry, berth on land looks like the best place to be while you recover?

BTW, an update on Emmma. When I last saw you I said that Emma had started a PhD at ANU (at age 32). After three and a bit years she has been awarded it. She is now working for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Swaziland for a year as a Field Administrator. Emma is enjoying the challenges.

I see things a little differently; she is working for little money on a fixed-term contract in a badly governed country which squanders money on its king but cannot provide basic services to its people - so good preparation for working in a UK university in the future!

Get well soon.

Best wishes

Quentin, Janet and Emma

Anonymous said...

Dear Lorna,

We are so pleased to hear that you are feeling well enough to speak on the phone which we interpret as a sign you are on the mend. Very much look forwards to a Cafe Nero as soon as you are able and I have started up a take bedside delivery service (no additional cost) which i could bring to you in Hospital if and when you feel up to visitors.

lots of love

Lorraine, Brian & Ann

Rhiannon said...

Hi Lorna
to be conveyed to hospital via Rona if poss
will attempt card but am as you know not great at social niceties. Personally think taking to bed in state and in regal manner for a chunk of winter is magnificently Lorna-ish. Send message if you are up to/require warming pan, fire and/or chestnuts. Or chocolate, story tapes, books or alternative entertainment such as tapes perhaps or I know not what -
but Lorna will. Or bits of boat for mending.
Rhiannon etc x

Livia said...

Just seen a note from Aidan on Facebook - best wishes from Livia and Roy and Cecilia Dyckhoff.

Cecilia said...

It's been a long time. Thank you, Facebook, Aidan and Livy. Love and best thoughts.