Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lookfar - March 2011 launch. Admire the crane.
An excuse to show my boat. It is being lifted out this week - I shall not be there to take a picture so use this one taken when she was launched last year. Note the clean underwater part - which will be disgusting when she is lifted, but hosed off ready for a general cleanup.

I am still fatigued -  but perhaps slightly better. I am trying to tidy the junk in my flat. Unsure whether I will ever get to use Lookfar again - but intend to get her sorted out - incase - - - .


Anonymous said...

No excuses Lorna. We've started on the club tender to take the pressure off. :-) Peter (DYC)

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Following your blog and wish you all the best.
Still at Royal Quays, now very much into instruction - see www.northumbriasailing.co.uk
Pontoon scarred by bird droppings with empty berths on 'F' (yours)
Melvyn x ('Lian' Hallberg Rassy opposite)