Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lookfar out of the water and cleaned off. It looks cleaner than it is.
Lookfar is tucked away in a corner of the marina. And how did I get a picture - well - I took it myself. Drove down to Tidemill - looked at boats and had a couple of chats with people. First time out for a long time. And the sun was shining. Then fried egg for lunch in the caravan cafe -  tired after for the rest of the day - but worth it.


Jayne Toyne said...

Lorna, I was pointed in the direction of your blog by a fellow boater friend at North Fambridge who has met you in the past, firstly out on your southerly when you had big plans and latterly when you were on your current boat (I think)
I just wanted to say hello and wish you the best for this round of chemo. I hope you make it back onto the water soon.

Mary said...

Lorna - thinking of you today on Rhoda's birthday! Can't believe we are turning 40 (10 ;-)) this year. What a fantastic new adventure Rhoda has and I of course will be living it vicariously through her blog! Good luck with the new round of chemo - go out and beat the that sucker! Love to you, Mary