Sunday, 6 May 2012

52 Degrees North  - Bawdsey and the mouth f the Deben
The side effect of  fatigue suddenly kicked in on Thursday afternoon - fortunately after I had done some  shopping. I have felt zapped since but not as bad as on the three previous occasions. So on Friday I dozed infront of the tele and watched the election results and the very curious (ie wrong) commentary from the pundits - but did not get angry.

Aidan was here on Saturday and he drove to Bawdsey - it was high tide and there were intrepid trainee sailors spread out as far as the West Knoll bouy. It is very refreshing to see the sea - and to feel the wind. I walked a few meters along the beach amongst the cabbages and watched the waves pile onto the beach and the tide change.
Today - temperature was 6 degrees C. at mid  morning. I promised not to moan about the weather - but - - - . A bit more zapped today but I did go out for a coffee and newspaper  - so am not housebound.

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