Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Chemotherapy: Yesterday I was in the Day Unit in Ipswich hospital for (I hope) the last lot of the current chemo. I got there at 8-50 and left at 18-00 hrs. Typically - it was sunny all day whilst I was indoors - when I left - it clouded over and rained. The length of stay sounds worse than it was - I was not bored for very long - read the Guardian and looked at pictures of boats - and the chandlery catalogue.

I expect to feel OK for a couple of days - and then anticipate side-effects - especially fatigue - but not as bad as previously. At least there are some political sillies to watch on the tele.

The weather seems especially important - but it looks like cloud and rain into the future and I wonder whether I should stop looking out for the sun to shine - and then stop grumbling about it.

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