Friday, 15 June 2012

Strange to see that nearly a week has passed since my last entry. I have, of course, yet to finish the cover for the engine because it is harder to do than I thought it would be.

I have been better at doing things in the morning - I am trying to make sense of aspects of the geology of the Pyrenees and I do a bit of reading and writing every day. Interesting and enjoyable and tiring for the brain. I am also getting back to doing resistance training in the gym and have improved both the weights and my endurance. On Monday - the last meeting for a while of the U3A geology group. I also  took the car for its MOT on Wednesday - before having lunch with Aidan near the Tower of London. I went to the sailing club a few times during the week to sort out my boats, took my bike to be serviced in the hope of riding it sometime, I went to the shops and market on Thursday and had chips for lunch today. I have not put my improved mainsail back on Lookfar - the twice I have gone down to the boat to do it - it either rained or a big wind came up - so I am leaving it snug and warm inside until the weather gets better.

The snag with the week has been that I have felt like going out and doing things but I have become exhausted by the afternoon. But it is very boring just sitting around - and I have had enough of it.

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