Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tennis team - c1957.  I am 3rd from the left and was captain. I played doubles with the girl to the left and spent a lot of time with her - and I have no idea where she went after we left school.

Hockey team - c1957. I am 2nd from the right holding a stick. I played in goal and was vice-captain.
1950s: at school: shows there was some sport - but not enough for me. And we do not look like ladies. We were allowed to play hockey against a boys' team at weekends as long as we did not 'fraternise'. (Not much chance of that dressed as we were - it must have terrified them. But I remember it as good fun and rather jolly.)

I also played badminton in the winter and in summer I went to the tennis club most nights so it is hardly surprising that I did not do a lot of homework; I even played in a tournament during A Levels - a different world.

I still sort-of do sport, having discovered dinghy racing in the 1980s - and I have been a frequent user  of various sailing clubs - in St Andrews, Tynemouth and now the Deben.I often go to the sailing club now - but not to the detriment of doing my homework! How strange and similar - I suppose going to the gym four times a week is part of a similar desire to be active, although it is not competative.

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