Saturday, 14 July 2012

I am 70. I bought a badge and scanned it at a wonky angle for better effect.
I was looking for one that said 'I am 70' but they don't seem to have them in Ipswich or Woodbridge - they don't even have them for children. Maybe they are not in the best of  taste. Anyway - I will wear it sometimes as some sort of gesture of survival.

I visited the consultant yesterday - no long waits nor any boredom. The conclusion - the blood tests still show some effect of toxicity but nothing to get excited about. There is no sign of the cancer doing anything nasty - or indeed anything at all. So the Plan is to keep off the killer-chemicals and keep an eye on how I am and feel. So no side effects for a while - yippee.

I am going to try not to worry about it all as there is nothing I can do except eat vegetables and generally live a healthy life. Oh - and make sure I do not ignore symptoms that I ought not to ignore.

So am also finding a few brain-things to do - from geology to figuring out how to upgrade the U3A website - interspersed with scanning my photos - hard work and needs a new scanner.

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