Sunday, 30 September 2012

The last pile put in place for the new slipway.
Progress on the slipway - last week - the last banging-in of the piles. This is just the start.

Also a new start in my life again at the end of the week. I had a review with the consultant on Friday and this time the Xray shows that the cancer is starting to stir again (like a volcano!). So an end to the carefree days of no chemo and not much worry.

We discussed various options and concluded that I should try something that is not as heavy as the stuff I had last time. So I am going to try gemcitabine. If this is not effective, then the choice can be extended to something else. It is not quite organised yet but I am likely to go to the Day Unit every fortnight for this and it will take about half an hour to feed it in.

I was upset and shocked on Friday - I had got used to life as it was, although I was not entirely surprised that it was starting up again. I have tried to draw on a few inner resources - not entirely successfully. But I went to the beach in sunshine yesterday and I have calmed down enough to write this update.

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Pipers said...

That's sad news lorna, xx