Saturday, 5 January 2013

Final post from Rhoda

Lorna was most adamant that she was going to die, not pass away or any such euphemism. She died peacefully very early this morning.
She found all the blog comments and emails you have sent over the last years, months and days very supportive and comforting. So thank you from her, and from Aidan and I for your support and encouragement.

Here is a picture of her in the summer of 2012 (not many months ago) living life to the full, pretty much right up to the end!


meemee said...

Rhoda and Aidan, so sorry to hear the news, sad even though I've been expecting it this week. Lorna was an amazing lady x

Margaret K (U3A) said...

So sorry to hear the news.She died as she lived, with strength and dignity - and being totally upfront about it all. Just wanted you to know how much we in U3A in East Suffolk have appreciated her contribution to U3A.
Please could you let me know the arrangements for her funeral when you can

Pipers said...

So sorry, a sad sad loss

Mary Roemmele said...

Rhoda & Aidan - so sorry to hear this incredibly sad news. My heart is breaking for you both. Lorna was full of energy and certainly faced life head on so not surprising that was adamant that she would die not pass away since that sound some passive! Every since sailing club I have not been able to look at a VW van without thinking of Lorna and this will continue in my life. So glad we were able to reconnect Summer 2010. I was just looking at Maya today and remembering that Lorna held her as a baby that summer. I will let Carl and Mum know your sad news. Sending you strength in the coming weeks and months as you mourn and celebrate her life. Take care, love, Mary Roemmele and Family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rhoda & Aidan,

I just wanted to say that whilst expected I am so sorry to hearthat Lorna has died. I have many fond memories of precious times shared during 'mirror/regatta' week the last couple of years and shall miss very much my 'first mate.'

Whilst we may never have met (although we did meet Aidan briefly in Aldebrugh earlier this summer enjoying a coffee with your Mum) if there is anything we can do please let us know - my email address is You are both very much in our thoughts and we remember Lorna with great fondness and big smile whilst mourning her loss.


Lorraine, Ann & Brian Brackley

Ron Kerr said...

An inspirational lady. Defeat is hardly the right word for the end of her courageous battle.

So glad I worked with and knew her. I'll pass the news on to many of her colleagues at Newcastle University.

My thoughts are with her family.

JohnnyL said...

Like Ron, I worked with Lorna at Newcastle University for a good number of years.

Ron's words echo my own feelings exactly.

Lorna and I shared many views (and did not share a few others, resulting in wonderful disagreements! :-) Above all we shared uproarious laughs.

Lorna was a delightful bundle of energy. As Ron said: an inspirational lady.
Thank you, dear Lorna, for being Lorna.

John Law

Anonymous said...

Rhoda & Aidan,
Sorry to hear your sad news but pleased to have met such a determined lady who did so much for the U3A website and Joomla users over the last 2.5 years when she could have so easily said I'll take things easy.
Jackie West

Anonymous said...


I am very sorry for your loss.

I found Lorna friendly and energetic - her tales of her sailing adventures were both concerning and inspiring in equal measure: I am very glad to have passed on the seas and grossing out in the cockpit.


A signal shown,.. then darkness again and a silence.

Peter Shaw (DYC) said...

Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Rhoda and Aiden,

We were very saddened to hear your sad news. We enjoyed Lorna's company very much, always feisty, sometimes controversial but always Lorna.
We shall miss our chats waiting to launch from the DYC.

Ian & Matthew Thompson

Jason Bain said...

Dear Rhoda and Aidan, I'm very sorry to hear this sad news. Please accept my condolences.

Jason Bain,
Newcastle University ISS.

Anonymous said...

Such sad, sad news. My condolences to her loved ones.

Michelle Embleton
Newcastle Uni

Jane said...

Such sad news.

All Lorna's friends and colleagues at UCU at Newcastle University will be thinking of her and remembering many lively committee meetings!

Chats over coffee in UCU Office are now rarely so wide ranging in topic or such fun. All fondly remembered.

Thank you Rhoda and Aidan for the photos - they are a joy.

Jane Blakeman

Gareth Fay said...

We were saddened by this news, and will be thinking of Lorna tomorrow.
The pictures brought back a lot of memories from Newcastle University Sailing Club which she supported so enthusiastically.
Her generosity and energy gave many of us the opportunity and encouragement to do a lot more sailing than would otherwise been possible.
I'll never forget our trip to Ullswater, the closest I have come to losing my precious pink hat!

Gareth and Isabel Fay

pete said...

I never knew Lorna Scammell but my wife is in the process of buying Lookfar. My wife is thankfully a cancer survivor of the same age as Lorna Scammell. I have read the entire blog and I am so sorry I never met this wonderful lady as she is an inspiration to all of us as we get older. My wife intended to change the name of Gofar but after reading this blog we now realise Gofar is the name we will keep. If it was Lorna Scammell's choice we want the honour of keeping that name on our boat.