Friday, 28 December 2012

Short update:-
I am gradually going bad to worse and then worse back to bad!
I am just sitting it out and doing a lot of resting and sleeping - as before!
MRI scan this morning - not sure why- very horrible and exhausting.

One change - I cannot see myself being able to go home - I cannot manage a lot of things for myself. So discussions likely about where I do go - but no pressure or hurry.


Adèle said...

As it's New Year's Eve tomorrow I'm gonna try and get to the coast and in your honour (because we all know how much you enjoy a stroll along the coastline with a pause for a capuccino or two) I'm going (weather-permitting!) to wander along the Tynemouth beaches and call in at Crusoes for a large cup of coffee. I've never been to Crusoes, despite many visits to Tynemouth, but often fancied calling in. I love the cheesy vid on their home page... I have to give them credit for a very truthful image of the Northumberland coastline with grey skies and grey seas... All being well, I will return with some up-to-date photos for you tomorrow x

Adèle said...

Well!! What a fabulous place that Crusoes Cafe is! And what a lovely sunny day it's been on the NE coast today. Lots of postcards for you on my blog,here:

Wishing you a peaceful New Year's Eve.

Adèle x

meemee said...

Hope you had a restful New Year's Eve and get to see plenty of 2013, from whichever window you find yourself looking through. Xx