Sunday, 16 August 2009

Woodbridge waterfront

20-10: The picture is taken along the waterfront towards the Yacht Haven at low tide - usual large areas of mud. There are NO nasty new buildings here - the white one with a red roof is a restored tide mill and the other is a restored warehouse converted into flats. Contrast with previous rants!

I did virtually nothing today apart from walk (very slowly) along the waterfront to a very good tea room - large pots of tea and plenty of space under trees - it being hot and sunny. I even read the tea-room's Sunday Times. But I continue to feel ill and get very out of breath when I try to do anything.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lorna,
Hope you are feeling better now after your illness.
Let us know what you are intending to do next.
Wet greetings from the NE.

Hello from Marianne too - she is doing her cross - stitch: we are hot footed back from the lakes - and waiting for a weather window.....