Saturday, 29 August 2009

Last year the Lifeboat - this year the ambulance

Ipswich hospital: 10-50:
The Lifeboat was better.
I came here last week - with fluid in the lining of left lung - no wonder I could not breath. Have had various tests and the diagnosis is not very nice (lung cancer) and the expectation of life not very long. I am getting treatment here after the weekend. Meantime - I have had the fluid drained and am walking around - out to Woodbridge later today. The boat secure in Woodbridge and practical things taken care of for the moment.

I am hoping to have the battery power and energy to send my followers and friends and family better emails about all this. A bit blunt - but there you are - there is no easy way to say it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lorna,
We are recent friends so please forgive the familiarity, but this is bad news. My thoughts go to you at this time - my mother had the same. Let me know if I / we can help - with the boat or some such.
When you come back up let's share lunch from the kitchen window or in the rather clean cockpit.


Rachel said...

Hello Lorna,

I hope you don't mind me contacting you.

We met at Heybridge and I subsequently found your blog as you mentioned that you were writing about the awful flats that are to be built near the lock.

David and I were on the motorboat with the cats and we too had gone to Heybridge to seek shelter rather than attempt to cross the Thames Estuary - David helped pull you around in the narrow channel when you had the mooring up the canal.

We are at our boat most weekends at Shotley and if you need anything while you are in hospital or anyone to check LA Girl (the people at Tidemill are fantastic and I am sure will do everything for you), then please let me know.

All very best wishes,


Terry W at TSC said...

Hi Lorna,
That's crap, and Ipswich of all places; still, could have been worse, imagine Sunderland or Barrow . . .I'd send a food parcel only I imagine the chips wuld be a bit cold by the time they got to you; do they deliver to marinas? Better go as I don't know they'll allow me to send this, no point wasting typing.
Thinking of you

Anonymous said...


Deborah showed me your blog with the news of your latest sailing adventures and the news of your illness. Crikey! Not much I can say but to wish that you could get better.

I am relieved to hear that you have washed up reasonably close to Rhoda and Aidan. That will be important.

You are in our thoughts

Janet & Quentin