Thursday, 3 September 2009

I am in Woodbridge again

19-00: Woodbridge: I started chemo-therapy on Tuesday and have left Ipswich hospital until the next dose next week - which I do as an outpatient there. I was released to live on my boat again on Wednesday and feel a lot better for fresh air and a bit of walking around. The plan is to rent somewhere before the days get too cold and short.

I may blog more often now - but on subjects other than navigating around the coast.

Thank you to my friends who have been in touch - I feel very loved and protected by them and am beyond grateful.


John Law said...

YO, Lorna! (or should that be yo ho ho). Your latest report seems like relatively good news, in the circumstances. :-(

I've emailed you at the two addresses I know about: should I be using the Gmail one, the old work one, or some other one?

Are you stuck in Woodbridge? Maybe I should come and see you, on my new bike?!

As I've said in one of the emails: As best you can, look after yourself my dear: sweet soul, we appreciate you.


Sally said...

Hope you are ok and glad you are allowed out of hospital. Sounds like Woodbridge is a nice place to be holed up in Sally