Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I go to Ipswich by train

20-30: I realise that I have not been out of Woodbridge often enough - it comes to something when a short train journey and a walk through a town centre is an experience. I went to the Library - to a writing workshop for people affected by cancer. I am impressed that local libraries are centres of activity well beyond book loans. This site, for example, has the best collection of links to cancer sites that I have found:-


Rather a good workshop because it worked for everyone there - from experienced writers to those who were afraid to put pen to paper. I was the only one there who had not been 'cured' in some sense.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Lorna
It was great to have you there. It made my day to hear that I had helped people with something by arranging to hold the workshop.

It was great to read that you like the Information on Prescription website too. I run this for the library service and it is hard work with not much feedback so thank you.

Sue Nicholson