Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Up to Town - and internet connections

12-20: Yesterday - I got on a through train to Liverpool Street to have lunch with my daughter - and to pick up some gear for the boats. I walk slightly faster than the other people in Woodbridge - in London - I crawl. It was all rather mind-blowing and wonderful - the bustle an exciting contrast to my normal life.

Today - a further battle with T-Mobile to get a sensible connection - unsuccessful - makes me very bad tempered. So I maybe off line for a while - or until I come into the library (where I am now) to connect and blog.

It has at least identified the one thing that will throw me over the edge - lack of internet connectivity. And it is my own fault for not getting on with a broadband line - much gnashing of teeth and groaning.


Anonymous said...

Libraries are wonderful! (if only that it means Lorna can blog and email. Tina

Lorna Scammell said...

Agreed about libraries - and thanks to Tina for telling me about them. I had not realised local libraries are such wonderful centres of life and information.

Melvyn Wallhead said...

Received this via Yvonne & Clive. Don't really know how to use a Blog but send my very best wishes for a full recovery.

Melvyn (Lian opposite you in Royal Quays)