Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I am back - and another beach

18-00: I was in South Devon for Xmas - this is Slapton Lea (I first went there nearly 50 years ago) - the best beach I walked along with my brother, even tho' there is no sand. Nothing in the direction of the picture but a good pub behind me, where we had excellent coffee to give us the strength to walk back.

Thanks to Roger for many kindnesses and a lot of cooking so that we could gross out in the proper seasonal way.

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meemee said...

hopefully it wasn't quite as frozen down there as it was here.....I fell over on our road just outside the house, and had to slither and hobble rather than walk off my Xmas lunch! Glad you made it down...bet there was a time when you didn't think you'd get this far!