Saturday, 12 June 2010

Jaguar 21, sail number 23, is launched - and re-named

21-00 hrs: The Jaguar being launched by the crane on Friday June 11th. Note the rural background to the Tidemill Haven - and  the way out as the tide falls. Also - note the smart grey anti-fouling underneath - very hard work to get it all on and done (yes - I wore overalls and a mask).

One reason I have not written in the last ten days or so is that I felt I did not have much of interest to say until the boat is floating at its berth, apart from the point that there is a lot of pollen around here but I am less breathless as a result of using the inhaler.

I did a de-naming ceremony on Friday after launch. I renamed her today out in the river. 
The name is lookfar -  fair winds and good fortune to all who sail in her.

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sarah said...

fantastic well done xx