Wednesday, 2 June 2010

summer has come - with side-effects

21-00 hrs: Lots of sunshine. Finished putting anti-fouling on the Jaguar and now await, with some patience, the final bits of work before the launch, denaming and renaming of Jaguar 21 sail number 23. The furler was fitted on Saturday and I have just to attach the sheets.

I felt surprisingly ill for much of last week - did I go to the doctor - no! But they caught up with me eventually because the practice nurse noticed that I was stupidly breathless when I was there for a blood test. Eventually - we identified that I was suffering from hay fever which irritated bronchial tubes and bits of lung; so I got an inhaler. Instant improvement  - helped a bit by cooler, wetter weather. So today - back out in the heat and pollen and dust without ill effects. Tomorrow - the beach with sun hats and sun blocker.

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rhiannon said...

sympathise - pollen can wreak havoc with your quality of life - speaking as one who has wept, coughed, spluttered through many a country walk or bike ride. Means that antihistamines and inhalers are jolly good inventions!