Sunday, 13 June 2010

lookfar in home port

20-20 hrs: this is lookfar on the mooring with the sail up with one reef.

Yesterday we took her out into the river and motored downstream a couple of miles for lunch. It was quite windy and the reefing system was a bit obscure, so we sailed some of the way back with just the genoa - and then motored through the moorings in Woodbridge.

Today I spent happy hours trying to get the reefing system to work smoothly and getting the sails to set nicely. It was quite windy - and I felt quite tired so did not emerge from the marina - and the wind was on the nose - so I could play around pulling the sails up without stressing the moorings. I am not quite used to the limitations of the tides and also the strength of the ebb - which behaves as if a plug has been taken out.

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