Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wigeon. They hang out along the river on grassy knolls that cover at high water springs. Nice.
21-00 hrs: I do not want you to assume anything in particlar about how I am getting on. This is a bit unfair as I tend to tell you about what I am doing, which always makes me sound a lot more active and positive than I feel. I find it hard to write about anything else  - . So I tell you that last week was focussed on my Joomla! documentation project, interspersed with shopping and cooking and walks along the river and various worries.

But the important thing is that I have been wondering (at some length and in some depth) about what I would be doing if I were normally healthy. This leads me to alternately want to plan ahead and not to plan ahead. 

I rather think the pictures with my two previous posts are significant as an indication of looking ahead and not having a fixed point.

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