Sunday, 2 January 2011

And what about 2011 - -

9-00 hrs: - - we don't know! - - so the usual wishes that it turns out better than other years. 

One thing I am doing - I am writing some 'hands-on' documentation for people getting started using Joomla! I have been intending to tell you about this for some time because it is now central to my life. It is difficult and has made a great improvement to my general well-being. I have not felt bored since I started doing it for real.  And I feel more alive - doing something new and somehow real. This is all supported by the new medication, Tarceva. But my feeling of well-being has gone up since I started this writing. Strange and understandable.

Things done so far start here:-
I had to learn another mark-up language for the wiki layout - and I am supposed to write in short sentances - so it does nothing for literary style - sigh.
I notice I have not said what Jooma! does - I leave that for another post.

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