Thursday, 1 March 2012

Update: I went into Ipswich hospital to have the next lot of chemotherapy on Tuesday afternoon. It all went OK on Wednesday, although I got a bit short of sleep (as you do). The process is a bit trying as the infusion of various drugs and solutions takes 8 hours or so. It is immobilising but one can walk around with the drip machine - thank goodness  - as I am not good at sitting still. If there are side-effects they come later. Stayed in overnight on Wednesday as it was a late finish - so left this morning as soon as I could get out (after breakfast).

It seems to be working and I am due to go onto a different combination that does not require overnighters in hospital and is said to have fewer side effects - starts in about 4 weeks.

 I managed to sit out in the sun, overlooking the river, for a couple of hours - tee shirt and sun hat weather. So - let's hope the sun shines and the fatigue is just fatigue rather than life-zapping.

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