Monday, 2 April 2012

I have had some pleasant days - mostly in sunshine - since my last post. I did the usual things - ate out and walked along the river bank and watched the tide come in. I have also been to the shops (a big luxury if you have not been able to get to them much for a long time) and visited the marina and the boat. I have even sorted out getting the hull polished and the anti-fouling done by the boat yard, before launch in early May. This a statement of intent to potter around in the boat - in the sunshine - in the summer.

Black headed gull sitting on a life bouy. Most of the gulls around just now seem to be juvaniles - maybe the grown ups have gone off to lay eggs etc. 
Today - third lot of chemotherapy. This time it was in the Day Unit - which was much nicer as I was not in overnight - although it was a long process from about 8-45 to 17-30. I went with a lot of survival gear - magazines, newspapers, iced water and some food. I got a comfy chair next to the tea machine. I am not surprised that one gets side effects- for the chemicals themselves are fierce - and one also takes supportive medication for a few days.  I expect to feel OK tomorrow and then get fatigue for a week or so. Intend to sit it out - and avoid the rain. So I may even write emails but try to keep off the subject of symptoms and medical stuff.

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