Sunday, 8 April 2012

Laser 166650 for sale (1999) - XD controls,  new spars and radial sail.
This is not really an advert as such - unless you want to buy it of course. It is on Appollo Duck  at
This sounds energetic but actually I have been hit again by fatigue. The pattern seems to be a few days clear of it after the chemo then the killer chemicals then do their thing and fatigue sets in for a week or so. The good news here is that it is not as bad as it was and I am able to go out for lunch - and to put the advert for the boat on the sailing club notice board. I am also doing some epic sleeping. However - I feel shakey and a little sorry for myself.

Not helped by horrible weather - no sun and a biting northerly wind - and heavy rain forecast. I felt for all the boats coming up the river yesterday for a few days of holiday over Easter. They all retreated on the high tide today.

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