Thursday, 5 April 2012

Lookfar - the mast and slot for the sail. And the edge of the marina across to yet another boatyard.
Wednesday: I had enough energy, after sausage and chips at lunchtime, to put in hand another change to the boat. This should make sail handling a lot easier. The idea is to install modern sliders to replace the bolt of rope that holds the sail in the track. The rope makes it hard to get up and harder to drop in a hurry. So I got some tracks from the sailmaker and figured out which to use. I then folded the sail and carried it to the sail loft (just down the road) - so the work is now in hand. The main snag appears to be that there is not (yet) a suitable fitting in the small  section of the mast where the sliders are fed in. Another task is to find one - hopefully without going to the chandler's (where I always spend more money than intended, even if I have a list!). So today I walked to the boat again in order to take a measurement and some pictures.

And from this you can see that I continue to get more active - and the change to sail handling is a statement about being up for it in the summer.


Sarah said...

We had boat damaging storms on tuesday night.miracle blown off trolley, couple with broken masts and bottom two launch mats lost.
sea was boiling on wednesday.

Claire said...

I'm currently decorating a church gate, a long way from the sea. How lovely it must be to smell the sea air today.