Sunday, 1 November 2009

domestic trivia

19-00: And you know that I think domestic trivia can define the every day of life - so this post is not trivial.

I I have spent the weekend trying to sort out my flat. On Saturday - a short expedition to Homebase off the bypass at Ipswich to get three cheap shelves for storage. The rest of the day building two of the shelves and taking things out of boxes - and moving books and so on. I also cooked two proper meals and two batches of meals for the freezer and did the washing.

Today - lurked out of the heavy rain and wind until driven by desire to feel the wind and rain - and for a cappuchino - to walk along the river side. Built the other shelf and moved yet more things, froze the meals and perfected my list of things to do - including going to the chandlers and getting an MoT for the car. But I also sat around and read a boook and a Sunday paper - that is what bad weather does for one!

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caragh said...

Dear Lorna,
Time for this technotwit to try posting a comment having just caught up on reading your elegantly written blog. Great to hear you are experiencing such enjoyment in all the aspects of life around you. Your enjoyment is positively infectious, so thanks, cos it makes me look at what is around me here with fresh eyes.
Lots of virtual hugs,