Thursday, 5 November 2009

this week

9-25: This week - no posts - the side effects of the chemotherapy.

I have not written this week because I have felt too cross but also I think this because it takes more energy to write on the darker side than about the the trivia. The side effects are wearing off today - and I am hoping they will be less up-front by the weekend.

The side effects are hard to describe; they are a mixture of feelings (largely bad temper, but also boredom, mild depression of the spirits, lack of good concentration) and physical states that I describe as 'fatigue' or 'lethargy'. I am not sure that these words do justice to what it feels like because there are also other things. One is that I either have no interest in food or I am very hungry. When I get hungry - I feel much worse - so have concentrated on frequent and yummie meals - and making cakes - I think an attempt to take some control over things. But otherwise I find there is no escape; if
I stay in, I feel restless, bad tempered and fatigued: if I go out I feel fatigued and ache and get cross.


Sally said...

Hi Lorna. I have been reading your posts and just cannot imagine what you are going through. However you seem to be tackling it with a lot of grit and determination. Thinking of you

Anonymous said...

Dear Lorna,
Sorry to hear you are not feeling too good at present. Sending love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna
Reading through your blog.....keep smiling! Fiona is doing fantastic in your 'old' laser, it is in good hands. Take care. Christina Gill