Thursday, 25 March 2010

the other end of the line

9-45 hrs: The other end of the line - Liverpool Street station in London. I had lunch here yesterday with Rhoda - and went to a couple of shops.

On Tuesday - after playing with a bonfire at the sailing club - I had another review at Ipswich hospital - no sign of nasties on the Xray and a helpful conversation with the consultant left me more cheerful than I expected. I continue to take the capsules - which seem to have fewer side-effects. I was worrying that this meant they were not working - it is amazing what one can find to worry about!

I was so pleased by this, and by having lunch out yesterday, that I have bought a new radial sail and lower mast section for the laser - so I will be sailing it! I also discover that the club seems short of rescue crew - so have already been allocated a duty (on Sunday)!

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