Thursday, 18 March 2010

signs of spring - again

20-35 hrs: This is of the start of boating-life awakening along the river - heralding the spring. The crane is lowering new pontoons into the river - to be followed in due course by boats currently standing in boat yards and hard standings. The moorings are empty, but for a few overwintering boats. There are still very few spring bulbs in evidence but the weather is getting better.

The spring seems to have a particular importance this year because I really want to get on with my outdoors life and (like everyone else) I am truly fed up with winter weather. I have a Laser to sail in a couple of weeks. It would be lovely to sell LA Girl so that I can also have a small cruiser to explore the rivers. And I have my eye on a few nice bits of beach for lounging around on.

I find it strange that there are very few boats on moorings and those in the marinas do not seem to go out for a sail, even when there is a good wind and some sunshine. I am wondering what they know that I do not know.

I have felt a lot better for the last couple of weeks, although I have not blogged much. And why is this? Because I have been gawping at the tele and DVDs far too much. I hope I shall get over it soon and go back to normal amounts of writing and gawping! There seems always to be some bad habit to deal with - - .

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