Wednesday, 10 March 2010

International Women's Day: Thursdays Child

14-15 hrs: anything to get away from housework - - took their pictures instead of hoovering.

These are my 1970s 'women's lib' earings - and I do try to live my life by feminist precepts. So remember folks - I do not burn bras (and you are allowed a brief laugh here) - but I do vote. Women did not get the vote when my mother was born in 1916 - the dates 1918 but really 1928 when all women could vote. Reliable contraceptives - 1961 when the pill became available.

So recent! Still far to go - thus Thursdays Child (has far to go).

Spend a day noting bad gender things in the media - you will be shocked.

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sarah said...

wrote an angry letter once to the paper about just this. Didn't get printed.