Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Some more figures -

20-20 hrs: As I have reported previously - I have found (for all that I have serious experience of finding information) it pretty difficult to find even outline figures that are reasonably up to date. I don't have access to University library resources. Are the figures deliberately not summarised on the web because they will upset people or does this illustrate that lung cancer is not as well-researched as it should be?


I have recently found the following:-
Survivial rates in randomised studies (of platinum-based drugs taken with another drug) over the last decade = median survival of 8 to 11 months in the studies. No figures about patients not in trials.

There are improvements in survival reported with second line therapy (ie after the cancer has become resistant to the first lot of chemo:) The mean of these is reported as less than a year, although they may also improve quality of life.

You will be glad to know that I am now going to give up trying to find figures. Back to pictures and the trivia of everyday life - and possibly my worries about disease progression (observed as happening with a median of three to six months of initiating chemotherapy- - ) - this really is the last figure!

Dear friends, followers and family - thank you for reading my blog - it is unspeakably helpful to me to know you are all out there - even (as Meemee did yesterday) if you argue!


Rovin said...

Hi Lorna,

I've been following your blog for a while and admire your courage and honesty, in coping with such significant illness.

I hope you're well, in mind and body, and look forward to reading more blogs!

All the very best.


PS Iris May is fine and dandy and in good hands :)

Lorna Scammell said...

Rovin - thank you - and for telling me about Iris May - I had such fun in that boat!